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Reminders for PVHS: Dropoff/Pickup, Parking Passes and Chromebooks

Hello Thunderhawk Community,

Thank you for a great first day of school today. We wanted to send out a couple clarifications and reminders about dropoff/pickup, parking passes and chromebooks. We are excited to see all of our students on campus and look forward to a great year. Please help us with the following items:

Dropoff and Pickup
Parking Flow 2021.pdf

There are no left hand turns onto 120th ave. due to safety and increased traffic flow for everyone leaving our campus. We will be posting cones and Campus Security to help direct traffic in compliance with this process. Please model our core value of Accountability by adhering to our cones and dropoff/pickup process.

Please do not enter and drop off/pickup in our bus lane on the west side of our campus. Also do not enter and exit over the curb in the gravel parking lot on the west side of the parking area. This lot will be designated for staff only and roped off in the near future.

We encourage all parents and students who are driving to campus in the morning to leave earlier than you expect you need to leave to ensure students arrive on time. We recommend having all students arrive by 8:15a.m. to be punctual, ontime and in their first period class when the bell rings. We will be enforcing our tardy policy included in our Non-Negotiable Policies for the 2022-2023 school year. Students will have consequences for continual tardiness.

Parking Passes

PVHS 2022-2023 Student Parking Information
Please see the linked information for student parking passes. Students have until August 23rd to secure a parking pass. After that date we will implement our ticketing and towing process for any vehicle on campus that has not registered.


Students have had ample time to pick up their chromebook this week. We will be checking out chromebooks tomorrow August 12th, before school, at lunch and after school. If a student has an open period, they may go to the Library to get their chromebook. Students are accountable for any work in classes that are in Google Classroom from their teachers and are responsible for making sure they have the necessary tools for engaging in their learning.

Thank you,
PVHS Administration