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PVHS Community Update: Racist Comments Made and Misinformation

Racist Comments Made and Misinformation

No place for this behavior at PVHS

Hello Thunderhawk Community,

We were made aware of a SnapChat conversation among PVHS students that included offensive racist remarks. While the incident occurred over summer break and not as part of a school event or project, we are truly disappointed and saddened by the actions of a few of our fellow Thunderhawks. 

Let me be clear.  Racism has no place at Prairie View High School. We will not tolerate racist speech or behavior. We are better than that and we hold each other Accountable for this type of despicable behavior. I would ask all Thunderhawks to step up and demonstrate our school values of treating each other with respect and dignity that we hold each other Accountable for maintaining a respectful culture.

As administration, we‘ve addressed this situation with the students who engaged in the inappropriate behavior online and had a conversation about our commitment to living our Core Values of Honest, Accountable, Welcoming, Knowledgeable and School Spirited. As Thunderhawks we commit to  treating others respectfully and with dignity.

Sadly, there are some people in our community who are using this situation to push false information to others in the community and are spreading misinformation about this situation. We’ve addressed the incident with one such individual, but that person continues to repeat inaccurate information and tarnish PVHS’s reputation unfairly. 

This behavior is why it’s important for all Thunderhawks to correct misinformation you hear and stand up for the values we hold dear at PVHS. 

Proudly your principal,

Michael Burke