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PVHS: 5B passes

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5B passes: What does it mean for PVHS

Hello Thunderhawks

The 27J Schools community approved the district’s mill levy override proposal, 5B, on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

This approval will infuse about $17.7 million to support the critical needs of school safety, improved teacher/support staff compensation and staffing our high schools’ new STEM and Career and Technical Education Centers.

We know, as a parent, student, staff member or community member, your biggest questions are: 

How will this money impact our school?
When will we begin to see the benefits of this increased funding?
What does this mean for our school?

The passage of 5B for our school means:

Having a professionally trained safety officer dedicated to our school. This individual will work alongside and train with our building’s school resource officer as well as our campus supervisors providing an additional layer of safety and security for our students and staff.

Our teachers and support staff will receive increased compensation. Our teachers and support staff will receive better pay so we can hire and keep the best staff. This not only gives our district the opportunity to better compete with surrounding school districts in hiring and retaining quality teachers but also in hiring staff for hard-to-fill positions such as learning assistants, nutrition services staff and other critical roles.
Our under construction STEM and Career and Technical Education Center will be fully staffed and allow for the expansion of programming for the 2023-2024 school year. 
Our district will not need to consider cuts to services such as transportation, sports and extracurricular activities.
What happens now? 

The funds from the property tax supporting the new mill levy override won’t be available to our schools or district right away. The new tax will be incorporated into homeowners’ tax rate and those funds are typically collected in January. The district will, however, finalize its plans for implementing the programs approved by voters. The new programs will launch at the beginning of the school district’s new fiscal year which starts July 1, 2023. 

The next eight months will give the district and schools time to finalize plans to ensure a smooth launch of the new programs. We encourage you to follow the progress of this planning at

Mill Levy Override Accountability Committee

One of the most important first steps that will be taken is the formation of a Mill Levy Override Accountability Committee comprised of community members representing various portions of the district. The Board of Education will appoint the members of that committee much like it did for the 2021 Bond Oversight Committee. That group will be responsible for monitoring how the district is putting into action, the plan it promised voters. The committee will work with district staff, which will report on the rollout of the plan and the financial resources being used to operate the programs. The committee’s role is to ensure the funds are being used for their stated purposes. 

To create the committee, the Board will solicit names of community members interested in serving on the accountability committee for this specific mill levy override. Please complete this form if you’re interested in learning more about the committee and serving on it. The Board will announce more details about the selection process and deadlines in the coming weeks.

This is an exciting time for the students, families and staff of our school and the 27J Schools community. Thank you for believing in 27J Schools!