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PVHS 2022-23 End of Quarters Weekly Schedule: Quarter 2

2022-23 School Year PVHS Final Week of Quarter Schedule 

“Investing in the personal growth and academic success of each student.”

Students may be asked to complete an end of unit assessment, final exam, project, capstone, or other such culminating learning experiences at the conclusion of a Quarter.  These items will be due prior to the final day of the quarter as outlined below.  Students are responsible for ensuring they are present and complete their final activities prior to the last day of the quarter. Make up days are for students who have an excused absence impacting the ability to have completed the final evidence/learning experience for the quarter.  All other late or missing assignments fall under the guidelines of the PVHS Feedback/Grading practices.  PVHS does NOT require final exams, this is a teacher/content team decision.  Transportation will be available on the last day of the quarter.