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PVHS: Prom Attendance Reminders

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Juniors & Seniors & Parents/Guardians, 

We wanted to remind you that students must have a 90% attendance rate to attend any PVHS dance but specifically Prom which is May 6th.  This 90% attendance goal is based on 3rd & 4th quarter attendance and does not include 1st or 2nd quarter.  Unexcused absences and unexcused tardies are what lower the attendance rate. Every 3 tardies counts as one absence.  Please remember that our attendance policy requires that an absence be excused within two days of its occurrence. We will not change an absence or tardy from unexcused to excused after two school days have passed from the absence or tardy.  

Additionally, student behavior factors into eligibility to attend any PVHS dance.  Please see page 5 of the Student Handbook for more information.  This policy applies to all PVHS students regardless of their grade.  Please see the helpful video below from StuCo that explains how a student can figure out their attendance rate.

Lastly, PVHS students may only bring one guest to our Prom.  Guests must be in highschool and/or under 21 years of age and  must have a valid school ID or driver's license. Any guests of PVHS students must have their guest forms completed and submitted by noon on May 5th.  Tickets for Prom will not be sold after 1:17 PM on May 5th and will not be sold at the door the day of Prom.

School District 27J Attendance Policy

2022-2023 PVHS Student Handbook

Prom Attendance Math