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RQMS Dress Code

Quist Middle School Dress Code:

The dress code is developed to support and compliment student achievement and support the best learning environment for RQMS. Students' overall appearance should fall within the generally accepted definitions of neatness and cleanliness. Generally, students are expected to dress and groom themselves for the business of school so as to neither distract other students or teachers, disrupt the education process, pose a health or safety threat to anyone nor cause damage to the school facility. The responsibility for adhering to the dress code and the enforcement of is a shared responsibility of the students, parents, classroom teachers and administrators. The following guidelines are to assist students and parents in selecting appropriate attire

  • Any display of undergarments
  • Bare midriffs
  • Halter-tops
  • See-through apparel
  • Mesh/net clothing
  • Backless tops/dresses/blouses
  • Strapless dresses/blouses
  • Sunglasses (during class hours)
  • Hats or any other headgear (during school hours)
  • Pant must fit to the waist
  • No accessories that may be deemed unsafe, i.e. chains, spikes, safety pins.
  • The wearing of revealing clothing that is disruptive to the educational climate (i.e. low-cut shirts)
  • Garments that promote or advertise alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and gang related apparel or other products prohibited at school
  • Garments containing offensive or obscene words or phrases, pictures, symbols or images • Shorts or skirts must not be excessively short

When a staff member observes a student is making a bad choice in their dress, and that it is affecting learning they will:

1. Take the student aside and coach them on what would be a better choice - why the choice they are making is affecting the learning for themselves and others and give them some guidance of a better example and way of presenting themselves - all in the context of believing in them as people and their potential. Students may be asked write a reflection to the following prompt and turn it in to Administration: What do you understand about your dress today after talking with __________(teacher's name)? The student will be asked to exchange the inappropriate clothing for more appropriate clothing whenever possible.

2. If a student responds to the staff conference with defiance, rudeness, indifference or repeated (more than twice) infractions of the same type – students will receive a formal referral to the Administrative Team for discipline. The issue will be their response to staff coaching and lack of effort to grow.