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6th Grade Math Screener - Due Aug. 2nd

Hello, 6th Grade Families! 

Below you will find a link for our math placement screener. In a typical year, this screener would have been provided to your student in a classroom setting. Since this is not a typical year we are sending it home to our incoming 6th-grade students to be completed online at home. We use the results to help determine the best math placement to ensure your student's success. This screener is especially important for students and families who want their student to be considered for one of our Accelerated Math classes. Even if your child had a teacher signature on the registration form to be placed in a math plus class, this screener is necessary to allow us to know which level of acceleration is best for your child's needs!  We recommend allowing your student plenty of time to take this screener in a quiet setting where they can concentrate and show their best effort. As you can imagine it is extremely important that students complete the screener without assistance so we receive the most accurate results. We appreciate your support and look forward to meeting your student very soon.