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BHS awarded national unified champion banner

teacher stands in front of seated students at assembly

In 27J Schools, inclusion is a value we strive towards every day. At Brighton High School, that value is being recognized on a national scale.

Brighton High School Unified student-athletes,students and staff came together on February 19 to receive the national banner recognition for becoming a Special Olympics Unified Champion School. BHS was awarded Unified Champion School status for demonstrating an inclusive school climate, a space for collaboration, and respect for all members of the student body and staff. 

Brighton High is one of only 175 schools selected out of 7,500 that applied for this recognition, and is one of only fourteen schools in Colorado to receive a designation as a Unified Champion School.

This nationwide recognition is shared district-wide, as students from Prairie View High School and Riverdale Ridge High School also participate in the Unified program. Unified participants from 27J schools include student-athletes with disabilities and their student-partners that compete alongside them.

Paula Hogg, a BHS special education teacher explained how the Unified program achieved this honor. “As a team, we have worked really hard to foster an environment that supports students of all abilities and backgrounds in their personal and competitive lives. We are honored to be recognized for that hard work, and the students are really the ones that have earned the banner by being kind, compassionate, and involved individuals. We are far from finished in our promotion of inclusion!”

special olympics representative presents banner

Chaka Sutton, senior vice president of the unified schools for Special Olympics Colorado praised the Brighton High Unified program for earning such an outstanding achievement in the relatively short time the program has existed. “Brighton is one of the star schools [in Colorado]… if schools are looking at how to get a national banner, just call Brighton and they can tell you how to do it.”

We are #27JProud of our unified student-athletes, their partners, the staff and the school communities that have created an inclusive environment worthy of national recognition!


Learn more about what it took Brighton High to become a Special Olympics National Banner Unified Champion School:…/banner-recognition-program