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Horace Mann funds school programs

27J teachers are always looking for new tools, techniques, and programs to enrich the learning experience for their students.
We are #27JProud to announce that Mann has selected eight 27J projects, to receive more than $3080 enabling our teachers to have the resources necessary to make them a reality.
Congratulations to the educators who have shown their dedication to student success via the following projects:
Ms. Gustafson
South Elementary School
Ms. Pedersen
Riverdale Ridge High School
Mrs. Lindemann
Belle Creek Charter School
Ms. Allan
West Ridge Elementary School
Mrs. Sanders
Turnberry Elementary School
Mrs. Sukenik
Turnberry Elementary School
Mrs. Haight
Turnberry Elementary School
Ms. Salmon
Turnberry Elementary School
"I often think of Horace Mann agents as the ‘boots on the ground’ in support of,” said Horace Mann agent Jerry Glunz. “We can bring the program into the schools, hold workshops showing teachers how to best utilize this wonderful charity, and help foster a greater awareness of this resource within the communities we serve. Our alliance with teachers, school districts and will fund projects that will positively impact students in those schools for generations to come.”
----------------- is a nonprofit organization that connects donors with public school teachers who need classroom materials. Horace Mann agents have been spreading the word about the website among teachers since starting the partnership in 2011.