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27J Hero Ruby Barron

At 27J Schools, we believe the best way to demonstrate good community stewardship is to lead by example. When one of our employees, who serves as a member of the Colorado National Guard, was activated for duty twice over the last few months, 27J Schools made sure to let her know she was supported and appreciated for her service. 

Ruby Barron, an accounting technician in 27J’s finance department, enlisted in the National Guard two years ago. “I wanted to serve my community and country. I am very passionate about helping my community in any way that I can.”

She had just enlisted a week before being offered a job at 27J Schools. Since the beginning, her supervisors at 27J were very understanding of her situation and assured her that her new job would still be there for her after coming back from basic training. 

As an accounting technician at 27J, Barron assists with audits and other accounting tasks. For the National Guard, Barron is a part of the 193rd Battalion and works in 42 Alpha, which is human resources. 

Although she has these jobs, Barron knows that she is a soldier first. Barron was activated for a week for the first time in June to protect buildings from the unrest  taking place in downtown Denver. She was activated again in September to assist with the ongoing efforts to contain wildfires in and around Red Feather Lakes near Fort Collins. Barron was active for twelve days and worked to prevent civilians who were camping, fishing, or hunting from crossing into certain areas, for their own protection. Her role helped provide much needed relief to officers and park rangers who were working 75 hours or more per week to move people from affected areas. 

Barron is  grateful for the support 27J has provided to allow her to do something more for her community. “Not everybody does this kind of work. There are only 1% of us that do. The support that 27J has offered me during this journey has been amazing. Employers are obligated to accommodate soldiers, but one thing is an employer’s obligation and another is the support they actually offer you. I know that not every soldier is given that, so I am glad that I had a great experience with this.”


The National Guard is a unique element of the United States military that serves both the community and the country. National Guard soldiers hold civilian jobs or attend college while maintaining their military training part time. National Guard soldiers can be activated to serve at any time and their primary place of operation is their home state. 

We are #27JProud of our 27J hero, Ruby Barron. Thank you for your service to our community! 

27J Schools honors all those who have served and are currently serving our country. Thank you! #VeteransDay