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27J For Kids: #MeetTheNeed Campaign

Intervention Services provides resources for students and families in need throughout the school year.  This includes identifying those families who qualify as homeless under the McKinney Vento Act.  Since the onset of the pandemic, the number of students and families in need of community resources has increased significantly and in-turn, the generosity of our community has grown to meet the need. Our partnerships with multiple community agencies and organizations have allowed us to provide essential services to many in the 27J community.  

While we celebrate the joy of the holiday season, many in our community have very specific needs.  These needs are being demonstrated right now as we collect Christmas gifts for over 600 students, nearly 200 more students served than in previous years.

At the same time, many community groups we work with to provide resources and assistance to students are strained by an increase in demand for their services. This has led to some student needs being increasingly difficult to meet in a timely manner.

In order to address this overflow, we have launched 27J for Kids: #MeetTheNeed. The aim of this campaign is to connect individuals and groups with a heart for giving to the specific needs of 27J students that they are best suited to meet. If you are in a position to donate and help 27J students, please visit our #MeetTheNeed webpage for information on requested items and coordinating donations: