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Nominate a name for Elementary #14

27J Schools is seeking nominations to name Elementary School #14 (ES #14).  ES #14 will be located in the Reunion Southlawn Community in Commerce City.  

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, October 8, 2021Nomination forms are available online:

Traditionally, elementary schools are named for 1) an educator who has provided outstanding service to 27J Schools, the state, or the nation and has worked toward a better community and better schools; or 2) for an outstanding person of the local community, or 3) the geographical area in which schools are located.  If the school is named for a person, the person is to be retired from school or community affairs or deceased.

The 27J Schools Facility Planning Advisory Committee will facilitate the process to name ES #14.  The committee will receive and review nominations and make three recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education for their consideration and final selection.

The construction of ES #14 has been made possible by the support of 27J voters who approved a $248 million construction bond in November 2015.

For additional information, please email