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Senior Spotlight: Kyla Humphreys from RRHS

When it was time for Kyla Humphreys to go to high school, she knew she wanted to go to a school that would provide her with new opportunities. Riverdale Ridge High School had recently opened at the time, and she thought, what better place to find these new opportunities than in a new school. 

Fast track four years later, and Kyla has an impressive resume and a full-ride scholarship from Hasting’s College, where she will attend college on a pre-medicine track and play collegiate softball. 

Kyla’s distinguished merits didn’t come without years of hard work and dedication. Since her freshman year, she joined the girls' soccer, basketball, and softball teams. Kyla Humphreys

Out of these sports, softball has always been Kyla’s passion. She has been playing softball since she was in elementary school, so she decided to focus solely on this sport at the end of her sophomore year. 

Her passion and focus for softball paid off. During her time at Riverdale Ridge, Kyla was selected for all-conference athlete multiple years and was recognized for her high-grade point average (GPA) as an athlete. Besides her individual accomplishments, Kyla led the softball team as their team captain for three years. The team won regionals twice and made it to state three times. 

Kyla’s leadership extends far beyond the softball field. Before starting her senior year, Kyla decided to join the 27J Schools Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SAC). The SAC group comprises students across the district who meet with the Superintendent and the Board of Education to provide student perspectives and work together to impact 27J Schools positively. 

“Being a part of SAC has been an amazing experience,” Kyla said. “I have had the opportunity to collaborate with students from different 27J schools who also want to have a voice. It was always refreshing to feel heard by Dr. Fiedler and the Board. It felt like we were making a difference.” 

The leadership opportunities that came with being a member of SAC helped Kyla grow as a leader in her school. She helped the freshmen on the Riverdale Ridge softball team bring their grades up when they initially struggled with academics at the beginning of the school year. Now, the team has one of the highest GPAs in the school. 

Kyla’s commitment and achievements did not go unnoticed. Hasting’s College in Hastings, Nebraska, not only recruited her for softball but also selected her out of over 100 applicants to be one of nine students to be a Scott Scholar. Kyla in Hasting's College gear

A Scott Scholar offers an exclusive experiential learning program for high-achieving students majoring in STEM. It is a renewable scholarship that covers 100% of tuition and fees, room and board, and provides $2,000 in annual educational and experiential enrichment funding. 

“My heart stopped when the Director of the scholarship program told me I was selected as a Scott Scholar,” Kyla said. “My parents and I started crying due to the excitement. This scholarship is life-changing for me. It will not only pay for the cost of attending college, but it will allow me to build relationships with the other Scott Scholars who hold the same goals and values as me.”

Although Kyla has had an incredible experience at Riverdale Ridge High School, she’s ready for this next chapter of her life. At Hasting’s College, she has found a solid and welcoming community that has already made her feel at home before moving states. She feels empowered to continue to pursue her passion in softball, leadership, and the medical field. 

“I was nervous about moving to a new district for high school,” Kyla said. “However, the staff at Riverdale Ridge and 27J were so supportive and kind. I BELIEVE in 27J Schools because the staff made me believe that I could do things that I didn’t know I could do. I am very grateful to 27J and Hasting’s College for what they have given me.”

Kyla Humphreys and her distinguished achievements are one more #ReasontoBelieve. #IBelievein27JSchools