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Turkey Trot & Feast for Thanksgiving at Southeast Elementary

Southeast Elementary had a Thanksgiving family feast on Nov. 16.


Parents and grandparents visited Southeast School for a Thanksgiving feast.


A Southeast Elementary student gets served a piece of pumpkin pie.


Fourth grade teacher Renee Lineberger dressed like a turkey to run in the Turkey Trot with students.


Parents and grandparents enjoyed a Thanksgiving family feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie at Southeast Elementary School on Nov. 15.


Principal Heath Wilson served up the gravy and  nutrition services workers cooked up the feast for students to celebrate an early Thanksgiving.


The next day, all grades participated in the annual Southeast Elementary School Turkey Trot. Fourth grade teacher Renee Lineberger dressed up as a turkey and ran both the boys' and girls' races to enourage students during the sprint.