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27J celebrates Wrestling Champions

Brighton High had 10 students qualify to go to state wrestling competition.

BHS state champion Kenny Sailas

Third place at state wrestling Santana Solano

Fifth place finish at state wrestler Justin McCoy

Prairie High School state wrestling champion Austin McFadden

 PVHS state wrestling qualifiers Josiah Alverado, Zariah Alverado and Austin McFadden

PVHS wrestling champion Austin McFadden

Prairie View High has their first state female wrestling champion.


Congratulations to 27J state high school wrestling champions -- Brighton High Sophomore Kenny Sailas at 106 pounds and Prairie View High Senior Austin McFadden at 152 pounds. Prairie View High Sophomore Zariah Alverado became the first female state wrestling champion at 100 pounds.

Brighton High had two other wrestlers place in the state competition: Senior Santana Solano placed third in the state at 220 pounds; and Senior Justin McCoy placed fifth in the state at 120 pounds.

In all, Brighton High School had 10 students qualify to wrestle in the state meet. They are: Braden Wilkins, 113 pounds; Luis Gonzalez, 126 pounds; Antonio Guerrero, 132 pounds; Cody Nelsen at 170 pounds; Levi Fri at 182 pounds; Daniel Sanchez at 195 pounds; and Casy Orange at Heavy Weight; Sailas, McCoy and Solano.

Prairie View High School had three qualifers for state: McFadden, Zariah Alverado and Freshman Josiah Alverado at 113 pounds.