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Reunion Elementary's Kids Helping Kids Drive

Working together to support others is a value we strive to instill in 27J students, so we are proud to highlight the work of Reunion Elementary School to put that value into action.

The Reunion Elementary PTO, through their "Community Connections Committee" partnered with Hanson Elementray School in Adams 14 to raise funds for much-needed supplies for the Suncor Boys & Girls Club, located in Commerce City.

Through their joint "Kids Helping Kids Drive", students at Reunion and Hanson elementary schools raised a total of $650 for the Boys and Girls Club--$50 in snacks, $200 in art supplies, and a $350 check to purchase a 3D printer.

We commend Reunion Elementary and thank Hanson Elementary and the Adams 14 Education Foundationfor partnering with our Yetis for this inspiring initiative! 

The Reunion Elementary PTO's "Community Connections Committee" works to promote goodwill and bridge the gap between "Old Commerce City" and "New."