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Henderson celebrates Kinder graduates

Henderson Kindergarten graduates are the high school graduating class of 2031.

Kindergarten graduates at Henderson Elementary are all smiles.

Kindergarten graduates in 2019.

Getting a kindergarten diploma at Henderson School.

Smiling for mom and dad after getting Kindergarten diploma.

Mom is proud of both her Kindergarten graduates at Henderson Elementary.


There were 53 students at Henderson Elementary School who graduated from Kindergarten on May 23. Students wore blue graduation caps and Henderson Elementary T-shirts.

"We are excited to have these students graduate from Kindergarten at Henderson," said Henderson Dean Phil Teague. "They learned a lot this year from having to share and get along with classmates to their academic growth. Today, we celebrate these students. Congratulations."

Kindergarten teacher Meghan Binski said she is proud of her students. "We want to celebrate these amazing graduates! I'm proud to have had a hand in their academic growth. Thanks for sharing your children with me." 

She told her students: "I'm so proud of all of you. You all have a special place in my heart."

Kindergarten teacher Susie Doughty said she was privledged to be the students' first teacher. "I'm proud of how you have grown academically and with your friendships."

She told her students: "Thank you for always making my heart happy. I'm going to miss you all a lot."

As students were given their Kindergarten diplomas, their teacher announced what each student wants to be when they grow up. Future careers ranged from astronaut to teacher, McDonald's worker to ninja warrior, princess, soldier, doctor and policman.