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Royals to Ravens 8th Grade Awards

Quist students of the year honored.

Quist 8th graders walk through the building on their last day of middle school.

Quist last day of school celebration in the parking lot.

In a Royals to Ravens 8th grade celebration, Quist Middle Eighth grade students celebrated their accomplishments this year.

On their last day of school May 24, they participated in an awards ceremony.

Quist Principal Trina Norris-Buck gave this advice to students: Ask for help when you need it. Teachers are helpers, so when you have a question ask it. Don't ever give up. In high school and in life, get connected. At the ceremony, students were recognized by different academic and specials teachers; for being on the honor roll; for athletics and for being named students of the year.

Then, they joined in a Royal to Raven Clap Up ceremony in the school hallways. A parking lot party with food trucks and games was after that.