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College-inspired business admin courses

High School of Business, a career and technical education program offered at Prairie View and Riverdale Ridge high schools, brings college-inspired business administration courses to high schools across the U.S.


The program is an accelerated series of six courses that challenges students with hands-on marketing, management, finance, and economics courses. Each course is built around industry standards.


The High School of Business program although fairly new at two 27J high schools, is showing success through student test scores. Two dozen students in the District placed in the top 10 percent nationwide.


At Prairie View High, business students run the school store and students participate annually in a job fair with employers in the community. Industry and business leaders also serve on a liaison board to provide input for High School of Business teachers. This comprehensive curriculum prepares students with the real world skills they will need to excel after graduating from high school.


Prairie View High student Josh Leckemby, a second year High School of Business student, scored in the top 10 percent nationwide on the comprehensive business exam.

“Our teacher was pretty excited when she made the announcement,” said Leckemby. But what was most important to him was that he felt prepared to take the exam.

Leckemby describes High School of Business courses as hands-on. “I’ll take business classes next year as a senior,” he said. “I like that I’m learning skills that will help me out in the real world.”

Senior Yadira Arias, a third year business student, said the business classes differ from every other class. “We learn presentation and public speaking skills, how to budget your money and the basics for securing a job,” Arias said.  She believes that practice interview questions she learned in class prepared her for a real job interview. Spoiler alert, the interview was a success and she got the job.

Junior Brooklyn McKinney is a second year High School of Business student. “We learn the skills that people in the real world of business are looking for,” McKinney said. “We hold a job fair every year and understand how a business operates. Taking these High School of Business classes give you a different perspective – as if you are a consumer.”

Other business skills taught include: principles of business, finance and economics.

“The mock interviews were most helpful for me,” said Leckemby. “I have a sales job and because of my business classes, I use sales techniques learned in class.”

“The High Schools of Business program can take you either way into college or the workforce and will help you define your path in business: management, marketing or accounting,” said McKinney. “I definitely want to major in business in college and maybe in management.”