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Henderson Elementary connects to history

It is in school that we build some of our first friendships and create long-lasting memories. School is not only a place of learning, but a place where lifetime relationships are often made. 


At the beginning of the school year, retired Henderson Elementary teachers Linda Landers, Donna Singer, and Rob Tate were invited back to Henderson to speak with current students and staff about the history of the school, their experiences there, and to share their memories and photos from years passed. 


Former long-time music teacher, Mr. Tate, also worked with the current music teacher, Mr.Walker, to bring back the original Henderson school song, written by Tate in 1978. With a few revisions to include the new mascot, the Silver Hawks, the school song was reborn. Here is a sample of the new version: “Silver Hawks, keep your spirits high. Soar together through the sky. Oh Henderson, we will remember you!”


The complete song was introduced during Henderson Elementary’s first annual Winter Wonderland in 2019. Winter Wonderland was an all-day, community-wide event that included families, students, staff, and many special visitors from the 27J community. The revamped version of the song is performed with pride at every community and school event. 


Henderson Elementary Principal Salvatore Conca reflects on this experience as a Henderson alumni himself. “The new version is awesome and a wonderful way to combine the rich history of our school with our long-term, community-wide goals.”