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Riverdale Ridge elects first student council

At 27J, we strive to provide a platform for our students to express their perspectives and nurture their skills as future leaders. Riverdale Ridge High School (RRHS) students recently elected to serve on the school's first student council will play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the school this year and beyond. 

The student council at RRHS was scheduled to hold its first ever student elections last spring, but due to COVID-19 they were forced to postpone them until this fall. Two students were selected to serve as election commissioners by the council advisor, Mr. Farner and worked to set rules and establish campaign guidelines. The election commissioners had candidates write an essay, conduct a virtual interview, and gave them the challenge of campaigning to the entire student body without holding in-person campaign events. 

Council positions include president, vice president, executive officer, communications officer, and Raven representatives. These leadership roles involve being the voice of the entire student body, supporting the student body, managing the organizational side of the student council and its communication efforts, and serving as leaders for student engagement and school spirit. 

Election commissioner, Emilee Miller was an integral part of the election process. “Being an election commissioner for the first time was a challenge because we had to figure things out on our own without having anything to reference, and on top of that there was COVID-19. We continuously worked to find ways to get in-person and online students involved. The entire process was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the next election.”

Congratulations to RRHS’s inaugural student council:

  • President: Alex Cimino (Senior) 
  • Vice President: Jared Jurado (Senior) 
  • Executive Officer: Landry Longmore (Junior) 
  • Communications Officer: Jacqueline Gomez Loya (Senior) 
  • Raven Reps: Jodi Korneychuk (Senior), Caden Stadler (Senior), Rylan Stadler (Senior)
  • Election Commissioners: Emilee Miller (Sophomore), Logan Nicoll (Sophomore)

This year, senior Alex Cimino was elected to serve as president. “I am truly honored to be the first ever student body president at RRHS. As president I look forward to starting a legacy at Riverdale Ridge that can be continued for many years. It's very important to me that I help build a school environment that everyone wants to be a part of, and help students accept one another despite their differences. I also look forward to working with the administration to represent student voices during their decision making processes.”

We are #27JProud of the first ever elected student body team at RRHS. Thank you for stepping up and being amazing leaders in your school and community.