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PVMS student receives county recognition

At 27J Schools, we strive to provide students with opportunities that will expose them to a variety of career paths. Prairie View Middle School (PVMS) 8th-grade student Evelyn Ramirez was one of two students recognized today by Adams County commissioners for her outstanding participation in the Adams County Career Expo that was held November, 2020. 

The Adams County Career Expo takes place annually and is open to all 8th-grade students in Adam's County as a way to expose them to business professionals and practice their interviewing skills, professionalism, and career exploration. This year’s Expo was held virtually, giving students the opportunity to visit with different businesses via Zoom meetings. Over 80 businesses and 34 middle schools participated in the Expo. Out of the 2,000 students that attended, 575 received nominations for recognition. 

Prairie View Middle partners with Junior Achievement and uses their curriculum for advisory lessons to prepare students for the Expo. Prairie View Middle counselor, Melissa Nelson has created additional lessons and tools to help students prepare. The advisory lessons take students through a Career Cluster Finder so they can learn about themselves, and leads them through discussions of high growth careers, career mapping, and interviewing skills. This year, a virtual component was added to help students think through how to stand out virtually (turn on camera, un-mute and ask a question, look interested, watch your background, etc). Professional dress and soft skills were also reviewed with students to give them a better understanding of what will be expected of them in the professional world.  

Evelyn participated in five, thirty-minute Zoom meetings which focused on social media influencers, architecture, satellite technology, technology education, and opera related jobs. She enjoyed these sessions thoroughly and felt inspired by them, especially with the social media influencers meeting because she wants to also influence others through social media to do good. She was nominated for the accolades by all five businesses she met with for her professionalism, thoughtfulness, and preparation during these meetings. 

“I was shocked when I heard the news that I would be recognized. When I was in these meetings, all I did was be polite, introduced myself, asked a lot of questions, and told them why I chose to be in this meeting and showed interest in what they were talking about. I wanted to get to know them, but I also wanted them to know who I was.” Evelyn plans to use the information she gained from the career expo to inspire others to be themselves and to tell them that their dreams for their future career can be made into a reality.  

Prairie View Middle counselor Melissa Nelson is proud of Evelyn and all the other students for interacting with business professionals to learn more about fields they’re interested in pursuing. “Students learn so much from our educators, but it is a very special experience to have the opportunity to meet professionals outside the classroom "face to face" and ask questions and hear about their own career story, as well as to share their own ideas and hopes for the future. This is a really important learning experience that they will remember well into their adult lives.”

We are #27JProud of our 8th-graders for exploring the various career pathways that await them post-graduation.