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27J Alumni's Creative Endeavor

Avery Jacobson, a 2020 Brighton High School graduate was one of 51 international students to have her artwork featured at the 2020 College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Art and Design digital exhibition.

The AP Art and Design program was founded in 1972. Today, over 60,000 students participate annually. Over 400 readers graded student portfolios submitted for review in 3-D Design, 2-D Design, and Drawing. 

Due to the pandemic, College Board requirements changed to better support students needs in this unprecedented time by transitioning submissions to digital portfolios. Students finished their final works, took high quality pictures of their artwork, wrote artist statements and submitted their final portfolios from home. 

Avery took many art classes during her time at Brighton High. During her free time you would find her in art teacher Janelle Heiser’s room doodling in her sketchbook, working on projects, or helping create various displays and murals as a teacher’s assistant. 

Avery’s drawing displayed in the 2020 AP Art and Design digital exhibition (, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” is inspired by the Beatles song of the same name. In her artist statement, Avery reflects on the inspiration for the piece. “The song is blatantly about wanting to hold someone’s hand and express their love. To add more depth to this illustration, I decided to draw both a black and a white hand in the embrace. I never see enough depictions of interracial couples in artwork… I hope this work conveys a sense of unity and love between the people in the picture and the people who look at it.”

Ms. Heiser is very proud of Avery’s accomplishments. “The beautiful thing about being an art teacher is that we get to see our students' journey and growth as an artist everyday. We are inspired by their ideas, passion and evolution in their personal style and technique. It is incredible to see a student who has inspired me for many years get recognized on the national level inspiring many more through her artwork.” 

Congratulations Avery! We are #27JProud to have you as a 27J alumni.