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Ravens take flight

Gift-giving allows us to reflect on the connections and relationships we have with others. 

On behalf of the class of 2021, senior class representatives Alex Cimino and Miranda Ortivez, wanted to give a gift to Riverdale Ridge High School that would represent the entire inaugural graduating class of 2021 and that existing and future RRHS students and staff could share. 

Alex and Miranda decided to survey the entire senior class to get a sense of their journey and experiences the last couple of years at Riverdale Ridge. After reviewing their peers' responses, they decided the best way to capture this journey would be through a mural to then give as a gift to the school.

Working with their senior sponsor, Michele LaTerra, the senior reps commissioned two artists from Fort Collins, Johanna Mueller and Stan Scott, to create this mural. They paid the artists from funds they raised through senior t-shirts they designed and sold. Money was also raised by having RRHS staff create funny videos and then asking for donations through these videos. 

After half a dozen meetings with the artists, the finished mural became a universal representation of the Raven’s experience through the symbol of wings, representing the first graduating class’ flight from the opening of the high school in 2018 to the school’s very first graduation this May. 

Alex and Miranda hope every student feels there is an element in the mural that represents them. 

“The mural represents what it means to be a Raven. For the class of 2021 it represents each phase and journey of high school -- all the hardships we endured, but more importantly, the good times of high school and the memories that will last with us forever. It also represents the camaraderie and community Riverdale Ridge is built upon.”

The mural now hangs in the main lobby area of RRHS and will continue to represent current and future students and their own journey and flight during and after their time at Riverdale Ridge. The Class of 2021 of RRHS will be remembered fondly and has left a lasting impression for years to come.