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Transforming Students' Lives

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at 27J Schools are transforming students’ lives by preparing students for whatever path they choose to take following graduation. 

Our two-year career and technical education culinary and restaurant management program for high school students teaches students the skills needed to stand out in the food industry.

Andrew Cronk, a graduate from Brighton High School, recently became the first student in 27J Schools to earn the ProStart National Certificate of Achievement (COA). 

This certificate signifies that the student receiving it has a strong foundation in the basic management and culinary skills considered critical to success by industry leaders.

The ProStart National COA is awarded by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and is awarded to students who pass two national exams, demonstrate a mastery of foundational skills and work 400 mentored hours. 

This is a huge achievement, not just for Andrew but for 27J as well as he is the first student in the district to receive this award. This year, 108 27J CTE students also passed their Servsafe Server Certification, which is the first step in working towards earning the ProStart National COA. 

Andrew plans to attend college this fall for free through his job at Starbucks to earn a food industry management degree and eventually open his own restaurant. This certificate means a lot to him, as it demonstrates his work ethic and workplace competency to employers and colleges. “I had to balance work and school constantly to make sure I was on track to pass the workplace competencies I needed for this certificate and pass my classes as well. This award is proof that all of my hard work paid off.” 

We are #27JProud of Andrew Cronk for his work towards earning this nationally recognized certificate!