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Connecting Communities

Recently, Henderson Elementary School renewed their partnership with Iglesia Orchard to better serve their shared community. Iglesia Orchard is a part of Orchard Church, serving the Spanish speaking community. 

Members of the Iglesia Orchard volunteered two full days of their time on June 19 and July 3 to paint Henderson Elementary’s restroom stalls, interior cafeteria walls, interior hallways, entryway atrium, exterior entries, several park benches, and the “Henderson Elementary” welcome sign with paint and supplies they provided. 

This painting was needed to repair the fading paint and bring new life to the school building in preparation for students returning to in-person learning. 

“We are so excited about our renewed partnership with Iglesia Orchard Church in Brighton because not only does it help actualize our school goal of connecting with our community, but it helps us to provide a better school experience for our students and families!” said Henderson Elementary principal, Salvatore Conca.