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From Imagination to Success

Creative problem solving through project-based challenges teaches students how to think creatively and critically, work in teams, take risks, manage projects, and how to persevere. 

Recently, Brantner Elementary School’s Destination Imagination team received the DaVinci Award for their unique approach to a solution, for taking risks, and for outstanding creativity at Destination Imagination’s global competition. 

Destination Imagination is a global educational non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators, leaders and creative problems. They hold competitions annually at every level of education (from elementary school to the collegiate level) that engage teams in project-based learning challenges in technological, scientific, engineering, fine arts, improvisational, service learning, and early learning categories. 

This is Brantner Elementary's second year participating in Destination Imagination. Last year, they had four teams, two of which took first place in their categories, but were unable to progress any further to state and global finals as the entire competition was shut down due to COVID.

This year, Brantner sponsored three teams, and one team made first place in their category (scientific). They then progressed to state and global finals. Although Brantner’s team did not place in their category at global finals, they were recognized with the DaVinci Award which is a major accomplishment as there were 701 teams from locations all over the world at the global finals.

One of the Destination Imagination teams manager at Brantner Elementary was Jessica Lamb, a fourth grade teacher. She managed the team that was manager of the team hard they worked this year. She was inspired by the students.  

“These students worked all year long, including the entire summer to complete their challenges,” Lamb said. “I could not be more proud of my team and I cannot wait to do it all over again next year!” 

You can find the links to Brantner Elementary School’s winning challenges below.

Congratulations to the Brantner Destination Imagination team! We’re so proud of you for earning the DaVinci Award. 

Trevor Browne (Incoming 5th grader)

Wyatt Davis (Incoming 6th grader)

Arianna Gonzales (Incoming 6th grader)

Kaden Greco (Incoming 6th grader)

Jace Pike (Incoming 6th grader)

Kylie Ricards (Incoming 6th grader)

Ethan Rodriguez (Incoming 6th grader)