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BHS Holiday Market

We BELIEVE teaching students about entrepreneurship encourages them to develop problem-solving and collaboration skills.

At Brighton High School, Elissa Mastel's business and marketing students launched their own Etsy-style businesses with handmade products. They sold them at a Holiday Market outside the school store in a 20+ vendor marketplace. It was a culminating event for their entrepreneurship project which featured collaborative teams with students serving as a project manager, marketing manager, production manager, or a finance manager.

"This project taught students they can create their own businesses, and generate their own wealth on their terms. It's so exciting and fun to see them failing forward, making mistakes, and learning how to troubleshoot as a team. This is the same way independent makers start their own businesses in the 'real world' and it's great to see our students learning how to run their own companies by doing it hands-on here in this class," Mastel said.

The real-world experiences business and marketing students are gaining at Brighton High is just one more #ReasontoBelieve. #IBelievein27JSchools