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RRHS student design wins selection for '22 election

We BELIEVE in empowering students to express their creativity and knowledge of issues they care about through art.

Riverdale Ridge High School junior Camber Rohlfs was encouraged by her graphic design teacher, Laurel Taylor, to participate in the Adams County "I Voted" sticker design contest. She won second place and her sticker design will be printed and used in the 2022 Primary Election.

View the winning "I Voted" sticker designs.

"Voting is a great privilege within our country and art is a big aspect in my life," said Rohlfs. "I love creating art especially when it can have a meaningful impact so I felt that this contest was a perfect place for me to create art while being part of my community and representing our country's privileges."

Rohlfs Graphic Design 1 class gave her the knowledge and materials needed to be able to participate in this contest and design her sticker on Adobe Illustrator.

When creating her design, numerous factors led to Rohlf's inspiration. One of the biggest factors was Colorado's mountains. sticker design reads i voted

"I used the blue and purple tones of the mountains to represent the blue of the United States flag and create details and shading with the different colors of blue I saw in the mountains," said Rohlfs.

She was also inspired by the elements in United States flags from different time periods, which led her to use 13 stars to show the original 13 colonies that founded the U.S and that were used to create the original U.S flag.

"I used red stripes to represent hardiness and valor and I used white stripes to represent purity and innocence identical to the colors represented on the US flag," explained Rohlfs. "I was able to keep the design simple yet representative, legible, and aesthetically pleasing."

Camber Rohlfs "I Voted" sticker design and the meaningful impact behind it is just one more #ReasontoBelieve. #IBelievein27JSchools