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Senior Spotlight: Corrina from Online Academy

When Corrina Vanderpuil was a student at Riverdale Ridge High School, she felt confined to the fixed schedules of going to a brick-and-mortar school. 

So, when she heard 27J Schools was opening a new fully online school, the 27J Online Academy, she jumped at the opportunity to have the flexibility she needed with her busy schedule. 

Corrina is a student at Front Range Community College, a City of Brighton Youth Commissioner, a member of the 27J Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SAC), a Counselor Aid at 27J Online Academy, and works part-time as a secretary at Worth Wealth Management. 

The many organizations Corrina is involved in reflect her passion for being an active member of her community. 

“I am a voice for our youth,” Corrina said. “Adults can sometimes overlook our voices, and it is one of my biggest priorities to make sure we have a voice at the table while also helping those in our community who need help or are being overlooked.” 

Not only is Corrina a voice for the youth in her community and school, but she is also a mentor for younger students. As a senior youth commissioner for the City of Brighton, Corrina advises younger commissioners. She helps them grow as leaders for the city through volunteering and participating in events that impact the community, such as suicide awareness and prevention. 

At the Online Academy, a k-8 school, she mentors students as a counselor aide who answers middle school, high school, or college questions. Through these conversations, she can hear their own stories about why an online education works better for them than a physical school setting. 

As a SAC member, Corrina can speak with district leaders and board members about these online student experiences and how online education is as valuable as education at an in-person school. She can also hear and collaborate with other students from these schools. 

Although Corrina is highly involved and passionate about serving her community, she is also as passionate about obtaining a higher education. While going to high school, she attended Front Range Community College and will be graduating from high school with thirteen college credits. 

These credits will transfer with her to the Community College of Denver this fall, where she will study cannabis business and science operations. Her ultimate goal is to work in the cannabis industry to use cannabis as a form of medicine to help combat the opioid epidemic. 

Corrina is grateful for the opportunities 27J provided for her. “I believe in 27J Schools because they have allowed me to go to college early and work towards my career goals. The 27J Board of Education and the 27J Online Academy have continuously expressed their support for my career goals.” 

Corrina Vanderpuil and her commitment to her community and career goals is one more #ReasontoBelieve. #IBelievein27JSchools