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Elementary #13 receives official name

After receiving many naming nominations for 27J's new elementary school, Elementary #13, the 27J Board of Education decided at their October 2019 meeting to officially name the school Elaine Padilla Elementary School. Elaine Padilla was a long serving volunteer in 27J Schools, including at Brighton High School.


Her advocacy for youth began when her daughter, who was blind, started Kindergarten in 1977. She strived for full inclusion for students with different learning needs.


In addition, she served for many years on the 27J District Accountability Committee. Elaine was a familiar face in Brighton schools for over 20 years, as a parent, volunteer coach, laborer, advocate, organizer, and leader.


Elaine believed that school athletics provided one path to academic success. She not only attended games, matches, and plays, she anonymously paid activity fees for students who would not otherwise have been able to participate.

In addition to her work in 27J schools, Elaine was active in the larger Brighton community. She served as a member of the Platte Valley Medical Center Board of Directors and as a volunteer with Meals on Wheels and the Brighton Police Athletic League sports programs.