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Communications Department earns national award

Turns out gold medals aren't just for elite athletes these days. Communications team receives gold medallion at NSPRA

The latest gold medal winner is the 27J Schools’ 3-person communications department which was just awarded the Gold Medallion Award from the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA).

The award is NSPRA’s most prestigious award earned through a highly competitive evaluation process and it recognizes superior educational public relations programs and campaigns grounded in strategic communication best practices. With an all-time record number of competition entries in six categories, expert judges from around the nation only awarded winners in four of the categories. 27J Schools earned the award for the bond/finance campaign category.

NSPRA Executive Director Barbara Hunter, APR, lauded 27J Schools’ during an awards ceremony in Chicago on July 20.

“Their work truly reflects the best in school public relations, and I am so proud of their commitment to best practices,” she said.

27J Schools’ entry featured the district’s marketing campaign aimed at increasing the community’s awareness of its neighborhood schools and celebrating recent graduates from its elementary, middle and high schools. The campaign also highlighted funding issues and answered questions about how 27J Schools are funded and how it stacks up with other Colorado school districts. Community members responded with surprise to learn that 27J Schools has the third lowest funding per student compared to all 178 districts in the state. 

“I’m so proud of our communications team,” Superintendent Chris Fiedler said. “They embraced challenges we face and addressed them head-on with research-based strategy and measurable results. We know our team is worth gold to us, but it’s also gratifying to be nationally recognized for being among the best of the best.”

Janelle Asmus, APR, Mikel Philippi, and Janet Najar came together a little more than a year ago as the district’s communications team.