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Parking Lot Traffic


As our enrollment at Brantner Elementary grows, so does the congestion in our parking lot. Due to this increase in population we are experiencing delays and long lines in our main parking lot during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. With colder temperatures on the horizon as we move into Fall and Winter we will see yet another surge in parking lot traffic.



Here are a few suggestions to avoid the long lines and delays:


1. Find an alternative drop off and pick up location. There are many other areas around our school to drop off and pick up your children other than the main parking lot. Many families utilize the back of the school, nearby streets, or areas along the walking paths.


2. Have your children walk to school. Obviously, this only applies to those families who live within the neighborhood. Have a conversation with your family to see if walking to and from school is a safe alternative. If you have children that are too young to walk, walking as a family is another option.


3. Carpool. Communicate with neighbors to see if carpooling is an option. This option would reduce the amount of traffic in the parking lot and helps out the environment. It could also allow adults to take turns driving, which would lessen the difficulty of driving each and every day of the week.