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Winter 2020 Reaching Out Awards

They say a person’s true character is revealed in times of crisis. That a crisis doesn’t build character, it reveals it. One could argue that schools have been making the impossible possible for quite some time, but this year’s pandemic has raised that bar to an all new high and shone a light on the essential role our schools play in our communities.  


At the December 08, 2020 Board of Education meeting, we recognized outstanding 27J staff members who have gone above and beyond in responding to the challenges of COVID-19.


The meeting can be viewed on the 27J Schools Youtube channel:


Congratulations to our Reaching Out recipients and the entire 27J Schools team for making the impossible, possible.



Brenda Guadagnoli - Secretary at Overland Trail Middle School

Josephine (Jojo) Moreno - Lead Campus Supervisor at Prairie View High School



Molly Biel - K-5 Achieve Virtual Teacher at Pennock Elementary School

Shanti Coviello - ECSE Preschool Teacher at Henderson Elementary School

Cari Micala - Teacher at the Innovations & Options Campus 



Michael Burke - Principal at Prairie View High School  



Jim Cade and Neil Cade - Welding Instructors at Prairie View High School

Melissa Cochran, Elyse Coberly, Trudy Foster, and Michelle Espinosa - Student Data Team at T.R.A.C.E

Micha Strain - Kitchen Manager at Vikan Middle School

Diana Brooks - Kitchen Manager at Thimmig Elementary School

Bernadette Cole - Kitchen Manager at Prairie View High School

Stacy Vonau - Kitchen Manager at Brighton High School

Silvia Pastrana, Maribel Esparza de Meza, and Jenea Chavez - SpEd Para Team at Quist Middle School