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Learning Expectations and Parental Support During Remote Learning

We need your support and partnership!  Please work with your teacher to be an active participant in your child’s online learning.  Unlike our Assured Model in March when we focused on prior learning, we are moving forward with new learning opportunities and higher expectations.  The expectations listed below are meant to ensure that WE are working together to meet the academic and social/emotional needs of your child.expectations that we have for your child.  


  • Please create a distraction free, structured learning environment at home for your child.  Your child’s teacher will work hard to create online learning experiences, but it is only effective if your child is actively engaged and turning in their assignments
  • Please check that your child is submitting their work daily and that it is complete and correct to the best of their ability. All Assignments will be graded. 


  • Please communicate with your teacher regarding assignments, attendance, phone calls, and emails.  Your child’s teacher needs your ongoing support and partnership! 
  • Students need to be active and online everyday and complete assignments. Please follow a schedule that would be similar to a day at school. Students are required to attend all live meetings and Please remember to complete your assignments for PE and Music. 
  • If you are struggling with online learning, please reach out to your teacher so we can address your concerns and adapt to your needs.  Stay in regular communication with your child’s teacher and develop an ongoing collaborative partnership.