Homeland Security grants awarded to 27J Schools

Posted by Tonja Castaneda on 7/25/2019

27J staff receives interoperable radio training for safety in schools.

Riverdale Ridge High's new dean gets training on using interoperable radio.

27J staff members received radio training this week with School Safe.

27J principals, assistant principals and high school deans received training on interoperable radios which allow 27J personnel to directly communicate between schools and first responders in an emergency.

The radio training was part of the training for principals and school adminstrators on July 22-23, as schools start to open this week in preparation for the 2019-20 school year.

Two Homeland Security grants awarded to the school district will provide funds to further support school safety. 27J school staff and District adminstrators will continue to get additional radio training due to these grant funds.

The first grant, awarded through the School Safety Disbursement Grant in the amount of $349,734, will pay for additional interoperable radios, extending the warranties on certain components of the District’s current radio system and provide funds for repair services and battery replacements for existing radios. The grant also provides training, over multiple years, for 27J staff and for first responders in the use of the radios.

The second grant, awarded by the School Access For Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant Program in the amount of $520,280, will also provide funds to upgrade and improve radio infrastructure during emergency communications in 27J.