Making a Difference

Posted by Loralie Cole-Holmbo on 11/18/2016

     We are working on our unit theme, and we have enriched this topic of study by beginning a College of William and Mary unit called "Autobiographies and Memoirs."  Eventually, we will make connections on how these famous people contributed to society to make a difference.

     The initial activities are reading poems, and then writing a poem titled, "What's Important about Me."  Reading these student-authored poems have touched my heart, seeing the children describe themselves in such beautiful ways.  Several students have begun typing their final copy in a Google doc, so I hope that you access them at home and read the poems your children have written.

     Our first grammar study within this unit is categorizing words based on parts of speech.  We will soon be analyzing the meaning of the poems and what the author's intent was in writing the piece. 

     The College of William and Mary units are specifically designed for advanced learners, and I can definitely observe the appropriateness of the activities.  The kids have just eaten this up!  They are deeply engaged in the learning, asking me questions, and referring to the high-level texts during small book groups.  I look forward to digging deeper after Thanksgiving Break.  I am truly grateful for your children, and I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!