Academic Planner How To

Academic Planner How To:

  1. Log into the Infinite Campus portal. In the left column you will see the Academic Plan bar; click on it.
  2. Select or verify an Academic Plan from the dropdown list (based upon your graduation year). Choose a Post Grad Location (where you are going to attend college) and your Post Grad Plans. If you do not yet know your plans, leave them blank. Click the NEXT button when finished.
  3. Use the Course Catalog to find courses that would be of interest to you. If you know the name of the course, enter that name in the field, or a partial name. When a course is chosen, a description displays, providing more information about the class. If this is the course you'd like to take, click the Add to Grade This places the course on your plan in the indicated grade level for that credit type.
  • Courses can only be added for grade levels that have related credit requirements.
  • Courses can only be added if you have not previously taken the course.
  • Courses can only be added if not currently on the plan.

Another way to Add Courses

  1. Click in the box below the number of credits for next year’s grade level (for example, if you are a freshman, click on the English 10 box to select next year’s English class).
  2. Choose the desired course(s). When they are added, they display and the number of credits is updated.
  3. Repeat these steps for each credit type. At the end of the process, you should have a clear idea of what courses you will be taking next year. Make sure you have your core classes!
  4. Click the Save icon when finished – make sure you have selected 14 units (the number at the top).

Add at least 3 alternate courses! This is done the same way as entering other courses. Alternate courses will be used in the event the planned courses cannot be scheduled.

To print a copy of your course plan, click the Course Plan Report button. A PDF view of your course plan displays, including Alternate Course selections. Only saved entries on the course plan are printed. If you added a course but did not save, and clicked print, the new course you added is not included in the print.