Community Message

Bulldog Community Update


Dear Bulldog Community,


I want to take a moment to acknowledge the unnecessary death of Mr. George Floyd.  A life is a very precious thing that should never be taken lightly. I am deeply saddened and heartbroken that still in the year 2020, we have individuals who are not being treated with dignity and respect.


The vision statement of Brighton High School states, “Sparking curiosity that drives academic excellence while uniting our community through respect and kindness.”  These words and the values of “Relationship & Community, Dignity & Respect, Diversity, Integrity, Collaboration, and a Growth Mindset” were chosen by the students and staff of Brighton High School to reflect how they want their school community to treat every person within.  While we are not perfect, and we still have several areas in which to improve, we are committed to working hard to develop a school culture that is free of racism, inequality and intolerance for others.   At BHS, we believe that everyone matters and it is our responsibility to work with our students, staff, parents, and community as a whole to demonstrate this belief and help to make our community more inclusive for all.  


I am proud to stand with students from BHS who are organizing an event to bring the community together, to stand in unity in an effort to understand and become compassionate and empathetic about the struggles of individuals of diverse cultures, races and beliefs, and to demonstrate that yes, Black lives do matter.  On Sunday, June 14th at Carmichael Park, BHS students are asking the community to come together and leave their handprint on a sign that states, "Together We Stand in Unity-Black Lives Matter," More information about the event is included on the attached flyer.  I hope you will join me on Sunday, to help bring our community together.



Shelly Genereux, Principal

Brighton High School