July 31, 2020


Hello Bulldog Family,

I hope this letter finds you safe and healthy.  The last couple of weeks have been an incredible rollercoaster ride, with constantly changing health and safety guidelines.  I greatly appreciate your patience and grace with us as we work to create a learning plan that will provide two robust learning models  for all of our students: 1) an in person blended model that rotates between in-person and remote learning, and 2) an online-only model.  

If, after you have read all of the information shared below, you would like to change which learning model you selected in the previous community “Intent to Return Survey” that went out to families July 21st, you may do so by contacting Heidi Dent at hdent@sd27j.net or (303)655-4206 no later than August 5th.  -


In-Person Blended Learning:  High Schools have been directed to reduce the daily number of students allowed on campus and in classes in order to meet the health and safety guidelines established by the State.  As a result, high school students will receive in-person instruction in classrooms at BHS one day a week through an ABCD cohort model and will have live remote sessions with teachers throughout the week.  Students will be broken into cohorts (A, B, C, D) and will attend their classes during designated times - see the BHS Bell Schedule.  Cohort groups have not yet been established, however, as these groups are created we will be working to create groups based upon neighborhoods and geographic areas in an effort to help families plan for carpooling needs, etc. 

  • Students will attend school during their scheduled group chort. Cohorts/Groups A & C 8:30am - 12:05pm on their group’s in-person learning days. Cohorts/Groups B & D 12:58pm - 4:32pm on their group’s in-person learning days.
  • All high school students will participate in an in-person or remote orientation prior to starting school. Students will only attend orientation on the days assigned to their specific group/cohort. During orientation, students will learn about the expectations, routines and digital tools (Chromebooks, Google Classroom, etc.) associated with their selected Learning experience. During this time, they will also pick up any necessary learning materials and take pictures for school ID’s. More details will be provided at a later date.
  • All students will begin a regular schedule on September 1st.
  • For safety purposes, all campuses will operate as closed campuses. Students will not be allowed to leave for lunch. 
  • Students will complete up to three (3) courses plus an advisory block for a total of four (4) credits per quarter.  
  • Masks will be required at all times while on campus. Masks must be school-appropriate and must comply with the same dress code policy as any other clothing item. BHS will be providing 1 washable/reusable mask to each student.
  • Students will enter the school at the same entrance each day with the same group. More details will be sent out about which doors students will be required to enter.
  • Upon arrival, students will use hand sanitizer and be temperature screened. 
  • Guidelines to promote safe participation within all choice and elective programs, including: Visual Arts, Career and Technical Education, Music, Choir, Band, Orchestra, PE, and Theatre; will be communicated before the start of school.
  • We will continue to follow the guidelines from Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA), our state’s governing body for activities and athletics. We will continue to provide updates as they are disseminated to us from CHSAA. Students will be allowed to participate in athletics with their assigned school regardless of in-person or online-only status.
  • Please reference other safety provisions outlined in the 27J Schools Safety Provisions.


On-Line Only Learning:  The Online-Only learning option will be taught by 27J Schools teachers and delivered via Google Classroom and other online resources. The intent for this program is to serve students with a robust and rigorous online-learning experience. Students enrolled in the program will stay affiliated with Brighton High School.

  • Each course will be taught by 27J Schools educators, and aligned with 27J Schools expectations which will mirror the content/courses being taught through our In-Person learning model. 
  • Students will maintain ties and communication with their regular school site for ongoing service, social components, and the potential return to the physical school environment in the future.
  • Families will play an integral role in furthering their students’ education through the online program. 
  • Students will complete up to three (3) courses plus an advisory block for a total of four (4) credits per quarter.  
  • Students will be expected to attend scheduled live meetings and learning sessions weekly.
  • Students will be expected to log in and have daily engagement in remote learning experiences.
  • Workload will be consistent with in-person learning. 
  • The selection of courses offered through the online-only model will be limited.
  • Grading practices for transcript credit for remote learning will align with the grading practices for a traditional school setting.
  • Students enrolled in online-only instruction will need to participate in a virtual orientation. Schedules for orientation will be provided by schools. (There may be a need for students to come to the school for Chromebook support and ID’s.  More information to come.)
  • Students choosing to enroll in online-only instruction will be required to remain in this model for the semester.
  • An on-line learning schedule will be sent out soon.


Commonly Asked Questions:

How does the quarter system work?  Each student will take up to 6 classes and Advisory for the entire semester.  Students will only take up to 3 classes and Advisory during each quarter. 

 For example:  A student is scheduled to take the following classes:1) English, 2) Math, 3) Art, 4) PE, 5) Science, 6) Catering, and Advisory.  They will only take the odd period classes during the 1st and 3rd quarter and then the even period classes during the 2nd and 4th quarter. (see sample below)


Qtr 1 - September 1st - October 21st

Qtr 2 - October 22 - December 18th

1) English

3) Art


5) Science

2) Math

4)  PE


6) Catering


Will this impact my student be able to take enough classes to stay on track for graduation?  No, students will still be able to earn the same amount of credits each semester, 7 total semester credits or a total of 14 credits for the school year.

What about my schedule, when will I get it?  Student schedules will be finalized and released after August 12th.  The course choices you made in the spring semester are still being used to create your schedules, regardless if you are in person-blended or fully online. 

When will I know my co-hort group?  After August 12th.  It will be included on your student’s class schedule and identified in Infinite Campus at the top of your student’s page.

I know this is a lot of information and we will be sharing even more details in the days to come.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (303)655-4200 and we will do our best to answer those questions.  If we don’t immediately have the answer, we will get back to you.


Thank you,


Shelly Genereux

BHS Principal