BHS REmote

Dear Bulldog Community,


As promised in my email last week, I am writing to let you know what our status is for In-Person learning this week.  While we were committed to trying to meet with all students at least one last time this week, the COVID-19 cases have prevented us from doing so.  I am saddened to inform you that once again, due to the large number of staff being quarantined this week, we do not have the adult staff needed to deliver in-person instruction.  BHS will be fully remote learning for the rest of this week, November 18th-20th..  All students should follow the daily bell schedule for blended in-person learning.  (For example, Students in cohort A, will attend their classes virtually on Wednesday morning starting at 8:30am for pd 1, etc, and cohort B students will attend their classes virtually on Wednesday afternoon starting at 12:58pm.  The same will be true for students in cohorts C & D that meet on Thursdays.)  Everyone will continue to follow their normal daily learning schedule.  On-Line only students will continue to follow their current learning schedule as well.


By now you have also received an email from our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Fiedler, informing you that we will remain on remote learning until January 12th.  While this is not ideal, we remain committed to bringing students back to Blended In-Person learning on January 12th as we know that our students need and want this direct face to face contact with their teachers.  


Our learning schedules will not change.  Blended In-Person students will continue to follow the Daily Bell Schedule for all classes from now until January 12th.  We have purposely created these schedules to allow us to flex into and out of remote learning in a seamless manner, and still maintain our layers of protection upon return to the building.  We will maintain the small cohort groupings that occur on Wednesday & Thursdays as we also know the importance of keeping a constant routine for our students and the positive impact that the small cohort groups have had on our student’s learning.


As we move forward, here is some important information and resources.

  • Breakfast and lunches will be available every Tuesday effective December 1st- December 15th from 11:30am to 1:00pm at BHS, outside of the Dawg Diner on 9th Ave.  Each student ages 1-18 may pick up six breakfast and six lunch meals.  To sign up for these meals, please complete the form:


  • BHS Has Virtual Peer Tutors to assist students. Tutoring is available through our Library & Tutoring Website:  "Tutoring Resources." We have a large crew of students helping students thanks to NHS volunteers. 


  • Chromebook Assistance - if your chromebook stops working, it can be taken to the District Training room for an exchange on Mondays from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  The District Training Room is located at 80 S. 8th Ave. (Corner of 8th & Bridge St.).  If you have questions or need assistance with your chromebook, please contact our chromebook para, Michelle Rice, between 8:30am and 4:45pm Tuesday-Friday. You can reach her by email at, or you can complete a tech help ticket by clicking on the following link: Chromebook Help


  • Attendance -  parents, please call the attendance line at 303-655-4150 to let us know if your student will not be attending any classes for any reasons.  Staff will be reaching out to you when we see students with unexcused absences.  Their well being is very important to us.


I know this is a lot of information to process and please do not worry, we will continue to communicate with you all throughout this new adventure.  I greatly appreciate each and everyone of you for your support, understanding. and partnership to help us provide a high quality education for all of our students.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our main office at 303-655-4250 and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving and please be well!

Shelly Genereux

BHS Principal